Wednesday, April 8, 2009

in case you've been missing me..

i shouldve said something sooner. haha

Friday, February 27, 2009


start letting go like this:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Isn't everything so fascinating? beautifulbeautifulbeautifulbeatiful. and fucked up at the same time. but nonetheless beautiful

Cuckoo Cuckoo / Animal Collective

Monday, February 23, 2009


we either strive to conform and assimilate
or idolize individuality, rebel, and claim to be different.

but we are all the same
no need to try to fit in
and no need to attempt to stand out

because when it comes down to it, don't we all try to find a little bit of ourselves in the person next to us? how else do we decide who is compatible for companionship?

unless your like me.

and just all fucked up.

but then, youd still be LIKE someone, wouldnt you?

idk, none of this matters,
nothing matters.

ill shut up.

I LOST A FOLLOWER TODAY! lol its oay though, i gained some recently. you guys like me, right? no offense, but it wouldnt bother me much if you didnt, personally, i don't like me much. i do love me though, its inevitable.

modest mouse show is sold out. im pissed.

andddd. ive got two versions of a lovely song for you. first, the original , radiohead's "just (you do it to yourself)," and then, mark ronson's spin on it, with a band that i've posted on here a little while ago, phantom planet. tell me which is better.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Life Is..

love is life is love is life is love is life is love. a bunch of bullshit going on. do you think people can change? don't answer that. tell me something good. something beautiful.i need it.

Cherry Tulips / Headlights

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I've got this

feeling in my fingers and toes recently. I don't know how to describe it but like.. a restlessness. Like my hands and feet want to do much more than they are. To stifle it, i curl my toes up really tight and strain my fingers but its doesn't really work. idk. idk what i should be doing, but sitting still isnt doing it for me. maybe i've got too much excess energy.. but its not even an energy.. its more of a compulsion, like an itch i can't scratch, like something's tickling my blood. lol its making me think of the movie idle hands, which freaked me out in a funny way. anybody know what i'm talking about? anyway.. i have some weird pictures i'll post tomorrow lol.. some childhood ones, and one from a creative writing assignment. i had to make my alter ego, either a supervillain or superhero.. you know me. im the villain >=). so uhh. yeah. bye!

Seven Days Of The Week / They Might Be Giants

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

why does everyone


Trees and Squirrels / Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Dear Mary & Nathaniel, Valerie, and Dominique,

Our Admissions Committee has reviewed Dominique's application for our Community Service program in Tanzania this summer and we are delighted to accept Dominique for the program


Monday, February 16, 2009

My Brain Is Alive

My review: ":)"


so theres much in my head. and much to be said. but words arent working right now so you know.. i think ill try this again when im more awake. had a very chill day. tomorrow i am roaming philly. my brother doesnt live with me anymore. its a hollow feeling. a miserable feeling. but i smile. anyway.. i'll blog tomorrow.

smitty, thank you. i get it. and i dont think your crazy. insanity is the only sanity. and the song was very sweet. lovely valentine.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Im Baaaaaaaaack

So if there's anything that all of my friends know about me, its that sometimes i disappear. i just stop talking to people. don't know why, just something i do. but im back. and today was valentines day. and it sucked. family issues, and complications with other things, but i had a bunch of friends over and we hit up the dominoe's 555 deal, watched a bunch of movies, and hung out. and one of them is knocked out on my couch right now because i'm neglecting her to blog. so i feel good. really good. and im going to go to sleep, and im going to post some poetry tomorrow. and i am alive. and ill be ok. and everything will be ok. i think. even if my math scores on the SAT sucked penis. i'm ok.

p.s. smitty, i'm a little late with my response. but you wouldve been a lovely blog valentine lol, even though im cursed when it comes to valentines..something bad always happens

no song. im too lazy to go to youtube. but you know, id probably just recycle the happy valentine's day song by outkast, so scroll down to a previous blog and listen.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival

Seriously, who'se down for a road trip!?!! I'm determined to get there.

Superfly Productions and A.C.
Entertainment are excited to announce the
initial lineup for the 2009 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.
eighth annual four-day camping and music festival will be held on June
11 - 14 on the same beautiful 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee,
60 miles south of Nashville.
Every year Bonnaroo seeks to make history
by offering unique and exclusive performances by rock’s greatest
legends as well as its most significant newcomers.
A full list of
confirmed acts follows, and more will be announced in the coming weeks.

The final Bonnaroo 2009 lineup will total over 120 bands and over 20
comedians performing on 13 stages over four days.
Tickets go on sale
exclusively through www. bonnaroo. com on Saturday, February 7 at 12:00 PM Eastern.

Official festival website is www. bonnaroo. com

2009 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival Confirmed Artists (so far):
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

Phish (2 Shows)

Beastie Boys

Nine Inch Nails

David Byrne


Al Green

Snoop Dogg

Elvis Costello Solo

Erykah Badu

Paul Oakenfold

Ben Harper and Relentless7

The Mars Volta

TV on the Radio

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Gov’t Mule

Andrew Bird

Band of Horses

Merle Haggard



The Decemberists

Girl Talk

Bon Iver

Béla Fleck & Toumani Diabate

Rodrigo y Gabriela


The Del McCoury Band

of Montreal

Allen Toussaint

Coheed and Cambria

Booker T & the DBTs

David Grisman Quintet

Lucinda Williams

Animal Collective


Neko Case


Jenny Lewis


Robert Earl Keen

Citizen Cope

Femi Kuti and the Positive Force

The Ting Tings

Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Kaki King

Grizzly Bear

King Sunny Adé

Okkervil River



Zac Brown Band

Raphael Saadiq

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

Crystal Castles

Tift Merritt

Brett Dennen

Mike Farris and the Roseland Rhythm Revue

Toubab Krewe

People Under the Stairs

Alejandro Escovedo

Vieux Farka Touré

Elvis Perkins In Dearland



Todd Snider


Portugal. The Man.

The SteelDrivers


The Knux

The Low Anthem

Delta Spirit



The Lovell Sisters

Alberta Cross

Sunday, February 1, 2009


if he's not coming to me, my older brother and i are going to him. about to drive over there.. i'll give you details later. happy sunday!

p.s. thanks smitty.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

To keep you updated..

he didn't come.

Death seems to be the easiest part of life..

My dad's supposed to be coming over today, with my little brother. I have my fingers crossed that he shows, because im missing my friends concert tonight in hopes that my dad comes.. blahhh. byeee.

Still Got Love For You / Beanie Sigel & Jay-Z

Friday, January 30, 2009

I feel like

tasting the world. i wonder if itd be processed and have mad chemicals known to cause cancer.. or if itd be bitter on the surface but sweet when you really bite into it. i wonder if it comes in 7 flavors.. one for each continent. maybe the stars are sugar coating like.. the shit on sour patch kids. fuck it i want to taste the universe. im not sure whether the sun would taste like egg yolk or butterscotch or big red. my creative writing teacher told me i was a star in a past life, and that when i die i just may become a nebula.. or a fruit bat. i just want to be able to make art in my next life. by the way, i used to post pictures on here all the time. this is a picture of me from yesterday. in case you forgot. lol.

I Can't Explain / The Who

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who Wants To

Be My Valentine?

Happy Valentine's Day / Andre 3000

Monday, January 26, 2009


This house is ssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Leaf House / Animal Collective


I can't find my good habits.

Who Could Win A Rabbit? / Animal Collective