Sunday, February 15, 2009

Im Baaaaaaaaack

So if there's anything that all of my friends know about me, its that sometimes i disappear. i just stop talking to people. don't know why, just something i do. but im back. and today was valentines day. and it sucked. family issues, and complications with other things, but i had a bunch of friends over and we hit up the dominoe's 555 deal, watched a bunch of movies, and hung out. and one of them is knocked out on my couch right now because i'm neglecting her to blog. so i feel good. really good. and im going to go to sleep, and im going to post some poetry tomorrow. and i am alive. and ill be ok. and everything will be ok. i think. even if my math scores on the SAT sucked penis. i'm ok.

p.s. smitty, i'm a little late with my response. but you wouldve been a lovely blog valentine lol, even though im cursed when it comes to valentines..something bad always happens

no song. im too lazy to go to youtube. but you know, id probably just recycle the happy valentine's day song by outkast, so scroll down to a previous blog and listen.


Cool Musik said...

thanks 4 da shout baby (lol got da effects of valentines day still) sorry about yo valentines day but i hope wen u wake up dis late pre gift will make u happy....things have been goin strange wit me as i learn more about myself....and i wrote damn near a novel on u in my blog


JJabost20 said...

555 deal is my best friend.