Monday, February 23, 2009


we either strive to conform and assimilate
or idolize individuality, rebel, and claim to be different.

but we are all the same
no need to try to fit in
and no need to attempt to stand out

because when it comes down to it, don't we all try to find a little bit of ourselves in the person next to us? how else do we decide who is compatible for companionship?

unless your like me.

and just all fucked up.

but then, youd still be LIKE someone, wouldnt you?

idk, none of this matters,
nothing matters.

ill shut up.

I LOST A FOLLOWER TODAY! lol its oay though, i gained some recently. you guys like me, right? no offense, but it wouldnt bother me much if you didnt, personally, i don't like me much. i do love me though, its inevitable.

modest mouse show is sold out. im pissed.

andddd. ive got two versions of a lovely song for you. first, the original , radiohead's "just (you do it to yourself)," and then, mark ronson's spin on it, with a band that i've posted on here a little while ago, phantom planet. tell me which is better.

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Inept Architect said...

Well, I must first say I'm a radiohead stan/fanboy, so I have to go with their version. But this is a surprisingly cool version by Phantom Planet.

I also agree with the former bit about our attempt at finding a bit of ourselves in everyone while we ironically strive to be different. Its like we don't really want to be different, we just want to think we're not like the people we hate.