Thursday, February 19, 2009

I've got this

feeling in my fingers and toes recently. I don't know how to describe it but like.. a restlessness. Like my hands and feet want to do much more than they are. To stifle it, i curl my toes up really tight and strain my fingers but its doesn't really work. idk. idk what i should be doing, but sitting still isnt doing it for me. maybe i've got too much excess energy.. but its not even an energy.. its more of a compulsion, like an itch i can't scratch, like something's tickling my blood. lol its making me think of the movie idle hands, which freaked me out in a funny way. anybody know what i'm talking about? anyway.. i have some weird pictures i'll post tomorrow lol.. some childhood ones, and one from a creative writing assignment. i had to make my alter ego, either a supervillain or superhero.. you know me. im the villain >=). so uhh. yeah. bye!

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Inept Architect said...

I think I get that too. I end up shaking my legs or stretching my hands to relieve it, but it may be what you hypothesized. I know I often sit at this wretched computer for hours at a time. So that would make sense. But I've also got back injuries, so perhaps yours is different than mines.